Liza Odinokikh

Liza Odinokikh is a young brand of women's clothes started in 2012. The Designer and head of the brand Liza Odinokikh graduated the St. Petersburg State University of Technology and Design and trained in Italy at the NABA Academy.

During study at the University Liza won the 'Admiralty Needle' contest, being top in 'Lingerie'. The collection was called 'Venetian Night', with corsets made of papier-mâché. In November of same 2012, the designer has received 'Easy Match' at Jeansation, a competition taking place in Monte Carlo.

Liza Odinokikh as a brand has been launched June 30, 2012 at the 'LMA Presents: Fashion Day' Show with a collection of 13 looks, five out of which having been Lisa's University diploma collection.

In April 2013 the brand had its official debut at the Seventh Season of Aurora Fashion Week Russia. The collection blew up the fashion world of St. Petersburg and attracted mass interest in the fashionista.

Since then, the brand Liza Odinokikh is a permanent member of the fashion weeks, and its collections from season to season evolve interested in fashion editors of the most glossy magazines. Sweatshirts with prince doll head, pink pants with the basques and leather skirts from Liza Odinokikh flash the pages of Glamour, Cosmopolitan and Harper's Bazaar.

Designer Liza Odinokikh creates clothes for everyday life, simple, but with a twist. The Liza Odinokikh brand heroine is modern, smart and selective.

From collection to collection the designer creates each time a new look around which she centers the whole story. Each Liza Odinokikh collection is completely different from the previous one, but the designer style belonging to Liza Odinokikh can already be un mistakably traced.